Global Certification for the Hospitality Industry

The only international benchmark for hospitality professionals.

Hospitality is one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing industries. Today it ranks as the largest employer in the world, representing 1 in every 10 jobs. Yet, employment in the industry can be a challenge for businesses and workers alike.

Co-designed with leading employers, Worldchefs Global Hospitality Certification matches experience gained on the job against a global benchmark for hospitality professionals, taking real-life workplace skills and making them visible, measurable, and global.

Build a career pathway.

Employing the latest technology in skills recognition and verification, Global Hospitality Certification showcases career milestones using digital badges, and helps build a career pathway towards professional advancement.

Discover the global benchmark for the next generation of industry leaders.

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Designed for all hospitality sectors and levels.

Individuals: Make your skills visible.

Worldchefs Global Hospitality Certification helps showcase what you can do in a relevant and engaging way, giving employers confidence that you can deliver on the job.

Designed using the latest technology, digital badges provide rich data about your professional experience, making it easier for employers to match your skills with available roles and helping you access new employment opportunities.

As a professional development strategy, digital badges help build a career pathway and illustrate your dedication to personal growth.

Each badge is designed to be sharable on social media, and links back to a secure online system so employers can verify the information through a single click.

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Guide to accepting, printing and sharing your badge




Read the certification requirement and find your level.

Please make sure you are applying for the correct level.

Not sure ? We can help !




Compile your evidence, following the task requirements.

You can compile your evidence on the job, while working!




Submit your application on a simple digital platform called Learning Assistant.

Assessors will then evaluate your submission and decide whether you have met the standards required.

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Schools: Unlock a network to help make your alumni more employable.

Worldchefs Global Hospitality Certification helps students define a career pathway within the experience economy, and shows that your graduates are ready for the workplace by demonstrating that your program meets standards set by the industry.

Digital badges make your alumni more employable, showcasing skills and training, and helping your graduates to stand out from the crowd when they are looking for their first or next job.

If your program includes a work-place component that meets qualifying requirements, you can attach a custom badge to your program. Your training staff can also earn badges recognizing their role as an educator, and illustrating your school’s commitment to delivering programs of the highest quality.

Global Hospitality Certification works in conjunction with the Worldchefs Education Network, encompassing some 50,000 hospitality educators, students and alumni, united by a shared commitment to empowering the next generation of industry leaders. Member Education Partners increase their visibility on a global scale, gain access to unique curriculums that prepare their students for the future, and connect with employers to help their graduates achieve job security.

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Employers: Recruit, retain, and develop the best talent.

Hiring and retaining staff can be a major challenge. Worldchefs Global Hospitality Certification offers a powerful way to help you attract quality candidates and build a stronger team.

Digital badges are an investment in your staff. Keep employees engaged and reduce turnover by providing a roadmap for advancement within your organization. A potent tool in recruitment, promotion, and staff training strategies, digital badges help build a successful employer brand, boost retention levels, and foster a work culture committed to professional development.

Our partners at City & Guilds offer bespoke quality consultancy to advise on how digital badges can be embedded into your existing operations, from guided performance management systems to branded badge designs. The Global Hospitality Certification framework provides a flexible solution to inspire and develop staff.

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Are you eligible for Fast Track Certification?

The Fast Track route allows qualified candidates to become automatically eligible for Worldchefs Global Hospitality Certification. In just a few simple steps, candidates can make their existing qualifications go global.

Fast Track applicants must hold a qualifying certificate from a participating Worldchefs Education Partner, such as the American Culinary Federation. Find out more by clicking the button below.

Fast Track Certification

Take skills further.

  • Join a global professional development network co-created with leading employers.
  • Get skills, experience, and career milestones certified to standards set by the industry.
  • Invest in your talent and inspire your staff by recognizing their performance.
  • Stand out from the crowd with industry relevant and quality assured qualifications.


Worldchefs Global Hospitality Certification covers hospitality experience in all sectors and at all levels, including food and beverage, culinary arts, front of house, housekeeping, senior management, and training professionals.

Ask us how you, your school, or your company can incorporate Worldchefs Global Hospitality Certification now.

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We’re in good company.

Worldchefs Global Hospitality Certification was created by Worldchefs in partnership with City & Guilds, a world leader in skills development and quality assurance.

Worldchefs Global Hospitality Certification is endorsed by top employers, including: