Welcome to the online headquarters of Young Chefs from the WORLD ASSOCIATION OF CHEFS’ SOCIETIES - WORLDCHEFS, a dynamic global network of more than 100 chefs associations representing chefs at all levels and across all specialties worldwide.

Our mission is to reach out to our members around the world to drive and encourage the development of Young Chefs Clubs while mentoring our Global Young Chef Ambassadors to develop and deliver initiatives such as the Young Chef Culinary Culture Exchange Program and Bill Gallagher Yong Chefs Forum.

Guided by our four pillars – Friendship, Education, Cuisine and Culture, we provide mentoring support to our global network of Young Chefs Clubs. We deliver a world class educational mentoring forum to engage and promote friendship among the Young Chefs Clubs, empowering culinary excellence through fostering a culture of lifelong learning and leadership while underscoring the importance of Cultural understanding and Humanitarianism.

Choose to be part of a Young Chefs Club - Your success depends on it!


By belonging to a Young Chefs Club in your country, you will have instant access to numerous networking opportunities with fellow young chefs, as well as a community of mentor chefs who can guide you along your career path. Here are 5 reasons why as a chef, networking is an invaluable asset:

1. Networking can help you start your own business

2. Networking can help you climb the career ladder

3. Networking is a long-term investment

4. Networking is encouraged by WORLDCHEFS

5. Networking leads to lifelong friendships

Training opportunities

As a chef in today’s world, enhancing and upgrading your skill sets is essential. As a member of the Young Chefs Club, you will benefit from the educational programs developed by Worldchefs as well as gaining advice from the international community of professional, experienced chefs.

Worldchefs is constantly on the forefront of developing curriculums that reflect the trends and needs in today’s culinary world. At an international level, the Bill Gallagher Young Chefs Forum at the bi-annual Worldchefs Congress is always a must for young chefs around the globe.

Locally, you can gain knowledge at the Art & Science Seminar, Judging Seminars as well as the exciting line-up of events organized by your local Young Chefs Club.

Personal development

Personal development is an important aspect of every young chef who’s keen to plan his/her career path. What’s the next step to take if you want to become an executive chef?

Should you choose a job for the salary, or for the potential? What is the best way to lead a team?

With a global Worldchefs community, you will always have the opportunity to get the opinions, advice and potential mentorship from more experienced chefs.