Art & Science Worldchefs Together With Electrolux Professional

The “Art & Science Come Together” partnership between Electrolux Professional and Worldchefs aims to combine the culinary creativity of professional chefs with the specialized knowledge and technology within the leading manufacturer’s commercial cooking solutions, helping kitchens across the globe to develop more streamlined and sustainable cooking processes.

Chef2Chef brings chefs together at Electrolux Professional’s Innovation Centers and provide world-class seminars, themed workshops and demonstrations that offer the opportunity to work with the latest cooking technology, focusing around the exclusive Cook&Chill solution offered by the manufacturer.

Participants gain valuable skills and advice from experienced Professional chefs willing to share their international experience and passion for the continual discovery of contemporary developments in the culinary arts.

“This partnership has launched a number of dedicated exciting activities which will unite the beauty of the culinary arts with the breakthroughs in culinary technology. More specifically, the ‘Art & Science Come Together’ program will combine the culinary creativity and talent of the Worldchefs chefs with the knowledge, technology and specialized experience of the solutions offered by Electrolux Professional. We are very happy to have the possibility of educating chefs with the help of newest technology. What makes ‘Art&Science Come Together’ partnership so special, is the ability to connect all this technical knowledge with the artistic side of the culinary industry.”

Thomas Gugler, President of Worldchefs





This initiative is about educating chefs to recognize the importance of incorporating sustainable practices in their kitchens while at the same time encouraging and maintaining high standards in the preparation and service of quality food. They will learn how to ensure food safety, reduce waste, implement better food cost control, optimize their working processes as well as lower the stress level in the kitchen environment. This is both an innovative and creative way in meeting the needs and expectations of customers and clientele.

These seminars are being developed with a specific purpose and focus on using the latest technology of Cook & Chill system as the key solution to developing a complete and Sustainable Cooking approach for chefs.

Annual events featuring specific themes will be hosted and presented at each region’s worldwide Centers of Excellence in the UAE-Dubai, Japan, the US, Turkey, Sweden, Singapore and South Africa among others.

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